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BOISE, IDAHO — Amalgamated Sugar Company earlier this month celebrated 125 years in the sugar business.

What is now Amalgamated Sugar started with the Ogden Sugar Company in 1897 in Ogden, Utah. Today, more than 700 cooperative members of Amalgamated Sugar grow sugarbeets on about 180,000 acres in Idaho, Oregon and Washington, the company says. The sugar they produce is processed at Idaho factories in Twin Falls, Paul and Nampa — all of which reflect the company’s long history. The Twin Falls factory has been in operation since 1916, Paul — now called the Mini-Cassia factroy — since 1917 and Nampa since 1942.

“I like to compare our factories to rebuilt classic cars,” said John McCreedy, President & CEO. “They may look old on the surface, but when you pop the hood, you see a very modern and powerful engine.”

The facilities produce about 2.2 billion pounds of sugar each year.

The company has

a complete history on its website

, with photos and reflections on its history and its present, including its production capabilities and its philanthropic ventures.

Amalgamated Sugar Timeline

  • 1897 — The Ogden Sugar Company was incorporated in Ogden, Utah, with a plant built the following year.
  • 1902 — Ogden Sugar and Logan Sugar consolidated to form Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC. Four days later, Amalgamated Sugar acquired the Oregon Sugar Company and became The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC.
  • 1916 – Amalgamated Sugar constructs a new factory in Twin Falls, Idaho. This facility is the oldest of the Company’s factories, still in operation today.
  • 1917 – Another factory is built in Paul, Idaho, and begins operation. This factory is known as the Mini-Cassia factory and is still in operation today.
  • 1934 – Amalgamated Sugar acquires the White Satin trademark to use in marketing its sugar.
  • 1942 – The Nampa, Idaho factory is built and begins operations.
  • 1990 – Amalgamated Sugar is recognized as the second-largest sugar beet refiner in the United States.
  • 1997 – Sugarbeet growers come together to form the Snake River Sugar Company (a cooperative) to buy and operate Amalgamated Sugar.
  • 2021 – Snake River Sugar Company and The Amalgamated Sugar Company LLC combine to create one grower-owned cooperative, now called Amalgamated Sugar Company.
  • 2022 – Today, Amalgamated Sugar processes sugarbeets grown on 180,000 acres in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington and produces 2.2 billion pounds of sugar each year.


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